Toni Catena


Toni Catena is our senior paralegal who has over 25 years experience in the area of personal injury claims management from both a plaintiff and defendant view point.In 1986 Toni joined national law firm Phillips Fox as personal assistant to Geoff Hancy and was made a senior law clerk in 1990 in the insurance division.She has extensive experience in the management of workers’ compensation claims, common law litigation, motor vehicle accident compensation claims, public liability and property damage and recovery claims.

Toni was one of the first advocates to appear at the Conciliation and Review Directorate and regularly appeared as an advocate for insurer clients at conciliation and review hearings.

In 1998 Toni joined SRB Legal as the firm’s managing law clerk and was responsible for the firm’s compliance. It was her responsibility to ensure that the firm passed its Law Society accreditation every year.

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