About Us

Welcome to Greenland Legal. We are a small personal law firm in Perth, Western Australia, which specializes in insurance, negligence, workers’ compensation and injury claims

Our clients include corporations, manufacturers, insurers and construction and mining companies.

But we also represent individuals and small business.  

We do not accept instructions which involve conflict with the following companies: BGC; Wallaby Grip companies; WFI Insurance Ltd; CGU Insurance; Lumley Insurance.

Cases we have conducted

  • Hacai v Rigil Kent. WA Full Court decision concerning the failure of a lessee to arrange insurance for a lessor who was already insured.
  • McPherson v State Print. WA Full Court workers’ compensation decision concerning a worker stressed by the expectation of dismissal.
  • Westina Corporation Pty Ltd v BGC Contracting Pty Ltd.  WA Court of Appeal decision concerning exclusion clauses in a contract for the hire of mining plant.
  • Benz v Brambles Ltd. WA Full Court decision concerning the liability of a manufacturer of a defective crane jib, and the liability of the employer which owned and operated the crane.
  • Burgoyne v BGC Australia Pty Ltd. WA District Court decision concerning the calculation of the amount of the claim when a new car is negligently damaged and perfectly repaired.
  • Gove v Black & Ors. WA Supreme Court decision concerning the liability of the owner and occupier of a strata-titled unit, where a balcony collapsed under the weight of party guests.
  • ICWA v Quito Pty Ltd. WA Full Court decision concerning whether an unlicensed employee driving a tractor off road deprived the employer of CTP cover.
  • Murphy v Placer (Granny Smith) Pty Ltd. WA Court of Appeal decision concerning the non-delegable duty of an employer at a mine site, when the negligent mine operator claimed a contribution to the injured employee’s damages.

We also advise on insurance policies and all aspects of fire and other property damage.